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How to Determine If You Need Air Conditioner Repair in Albany, OR Due to a Broken Sensor

On those warm days, a working air conditioner is all you really need when you are looking to avoid the heat. With the summer often being warm and people running their AC several days throughout the week for several hours at a time, their units are expected to experience a few issues from time to time. When your unit is malfunctioning, and specifically when something is wrong with the sensor, there are actually a few signs you can look for to help you determine what the problem is and how it can be repaired.

Here’s how to determine if you need air conditioner repair in Albany, OR due to a broken sensor:

  • Fluctuating temperatures: Your sensor plays an important role in your comfort because it communicates with your AC’s computer to let it know what the desired temperature is at the time. When the sensor is broken, it may constantly be delivering the wrong message. For example, you may want your home to be at 60 degrees, but the sensor could easily interpret this as 50 degrees. If this continues to happen, a new sensor might be needed.
  • Not powering on: Fluctuating temperatures may be bothersome to some, but compared to other problems, it will be welcomed. With fluctuating temperatures, more often than not, the home will be at the wrong temperature, but when something is wrong with the sensor, you may also find that your unit doesn’t turn on at all. You won’t be able to enjoy the cool air or get comfortable in your home because it’s simply too hot.
  • Not powering off: While some people may have an AC unit that won’t turn on, others may have difficulty getting theirs to turn off. The reason this is a problem is that not only will it run up your electricity bill, but it will leave you with a home that is way too cold. Although your goal may be to escape the heat, at a cold-enough temperature you just won’t be comfortable anymore.
  • Constant cycling: A lot of people who are experiencing AC sensor problems will notice their unit cycling on and off. When this happens, there often is a very short period of time during which the unit will run through a cycle. Even though it could be an easy fix, like adjusting the sensor’s position after it has been dislodged, the cycling can again disrupt comfort because your home may not reach the desired temperature.

People just want to feel cool and comfortable in their homes, especially when it is warm outside. As people often depend on their air conditioners, when any problem arises, it can easily disrupt their comfort and happiness. A broken AC can seem like a stressful thing to have to deal with, but this is mostly because some people don’t know how to diagnose the problem. However, if these signs and symptoms are present, you can assume the sensor likely has something to do with it.

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