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Why Is My Furnace Filter Wet?

When you change out your furnace filter every couple of months, you expect to find a lot of gross stuff. Pet hair, lint, dust bunnies, dirt and a whole lot more get sucked out of your air and end up clogged in the furnace filter you remove and replace.

But what happens when you pull out the filter and it’s… wet? This can have many homeowners scratching their heads in wonderment.

There are a few reasons why your furnace filter might be wet, and all of them point to an urgent need for furnace service in Albany, OR. Take a look at why water might be sneaking into your furnace system:

  • If you have a whole-home humidifier, make sure its drain line runs away from the furnace and doesn’t intersect the filter at all. Improper humidifier drainage could be the cause for wet filters.
  • If your filter is placed underneath or near evaporator coils, condensation could be what’s causing the filter to become moist. This is usually a problem that occurs during installation and may need a creative, custom fix.
  • Clogged condensate pans or drain lines are by far the most common culprits of wet furnace filters. These need to be emptied and inspected to make sure they’re working appropriately.

No matter what’s causing a wet filter, it needs to be remedied right away. Wet filters severely hamper the efficiency of your furnace and can result in all sorts of nasty problems down the line—including chunks of debris in your ductwork or mold spores spreading through your HVAC system.

Preventing Moisture in Your Filters

Like most HVAC problems, wet filters can be solved with some conscious maintenance and basic furnace service in Albany, OR. Changing filters regularly, along with emptying drain pans and proper positioning of drain lines, will almost always be a step in the right direction.

If you’ve had or are having problems with wet filters despite your basic at-home maintenance, schedule an appointment with an HVAC contractor to have your situation properly and thoroughly assessed. There could be an element you’re overlooking or an issue that’s hard to spot.

Tip-offs to Filter Problems

It can be hard to remember filter changes are part of your duties as a homeowner. Try your best to stay on top of filter changes every couple of months and be sure to inspect the filter before throwing it away. If you spot even a small amount of moisture, it’s a sign of bigger problems to come.

Another tip-off that it’s time for a filter change is your air quality. If your air is dry, scratchy, stale or has an odd smell, the filter is the first place to look. High energy bills? Inefficient furnace function could come back to a clogged filter. By paying attention to the peripherals, you’ll get tip-offs to filter issues even if you’re forgetful about changing it.

If you pop out your furnace filter and see water or smell moisture, waste no time in calling an HVAC tech. Water doesn’t belong anywhere near your furnace, let alone the filter!