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What Happens When You Don't Change Your Furnace Filter?

What’s one thing in your home you need to check each month? If you said “the furnace filter,” you’d be correct. Any HVAC contractor in Albany, OR will recommend checking your furnace filter at least once a month for best results. But have you ever wondered why it’s so important, or what would happen if you didn’t change your filter regularly? If you’re thinking you can make your current furnace filter last a few more weeks, you may want to think again. Here are four things that happen when you don’t routinely change your furnace filter:

• Your heating costs go up: A clogged filter blocks the airflow in your HVAC system, which means your furnace has to work harder to maintain the desired temperature in your home. When your furnace has to work harder, it uses more energy, which increases your energy bill. In fact, a clogged filter can increase your energy bill by 15 percent. By changing your air filter regularly, you can help keep your monthly heating bill down and save hundreds of dollars each year.

• You decrease the life of your system: When your air filter becomes clogged, your furnace motor has to work harder to circulate air through the system, which can cause your system to overheat. If your system is a newer one and this occurs, you may be lucky enough to only have to call in an HVAC contractor in Albany OR to repair the unit. If your system is older, however, it may need to be replaced entirely. A clogged filter is actually the number one cause of a broken HVAC unit.

• You may cause a fire: The heat exchanger for your furnace can reach an extremely high temperature. Your furnace filter is designed to help keep large dust debris from reaching the heat exchanger. If a large enough piece of dust debris lands on the heat exchanger, it can cause a fire. A completely saturated air filter is also a fire hazard because it can collapse and be sucked into the furnace cabinet and cause a fire.

• You allow the air quality in your home to deteriorate: Your furnace filter is designed to help keep the air in your home clean, fresh and allergen-free. When you don’t change your filter, not only is your air filter unable to help clean the air, but it can also actually make it worse by spreading trapped dust and allergens throughout your home, which can cause allergy symptoms to worsen and even cause illness.

Don’t put your furnace at risk of needing repairs or, even worse, put your family’s safety at risk, by not routinely changing your furnace filter. Changing your furnace filter is an easy and inexpensive way to keep your energy costs down and your home and your family safe. But if you ever need help with your filter or are concerned about the integrity of your system, don’t hesitate to call in Larsell Mechanical Service, your trusted local HVAC contractor in Albany, OR!