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Avoid Breakdowns This Winter with Furnace Maintenance in Albany, OR

With winter in full swing, it is more important than ever to have furnace maintenance in Albany, OR performed at your home. This can prevent costly and uncomfortable breakdowns throughout the winter and ensure your furnace operates properly all season long.

All components will be cleaned and inspected

During furnace maintenance in Albany, OR, an HVAC contractor will inspect your entire heating system, looking for anything that seems abnormal or could cause you problems on a cold winter night. They will observe all the components within your heating system to make sure nothing is worn beyond use. This can prevent a breakdown from occurring due to a part that can no longer function because of wear and will save you the cost of an emergency repair when you least expect it.

When an HVAC contractor performs furnace maintenance in Albany, OR on your system, they will also use this time to clean out any dirt that has built up in your furnace. This can often be the cause of a breakdown, and can easily be prevented by scheduling routine furnace maintenance.

Additional items inspected during a maintenance checkup

Additional items such as wiring will be checked for any worn areas that could cause potential problems during the winter season. An HVAC contractor will also examine your ductwork to make sure there are no cracks or holes where warm air can escape. This can increase your heating bill, as your HVAC system isn’t operating efficiently and warming rooms to the fullest extent. Any signs of air escaping will be repaired to ensure you have a heating system that keeps you warm all winter.

Your thermostat will also be checked to make sure it is holding temperature properly and engaging all functions correctly, so you don’t run into any issues during the cold season. A simple check by an HVAC contractor will make sure you stay warm and don’t have an unexpected breakdown that will cost you extra money. In addition, your furnace filter will be changed to give you clean circulating air throughout your home.

When an HVAC contractor is completing furnace maintenance in Albany, OR, they will also be able to detect whether you have an increased likelihood of a carbon monoxide leak. This could be potentially dangerous, especially during the winter when you don’t have your windows open and circulating fresh air throughout your home. A simple maintenance check by an HVAC contractor can save you from this potential hazard and make sure you and your family are safe when operating your furnace.

By scheduling furnace maintenance in Albany, OR now, you will be ensured that your heating system will run smoothly throughout the winter. This can save you money and prevent a breakdown in the dead of winter when it is too cold to bear. To schedule your maintenance checkup, contact Larsell Mechanical Service. We have been in business since 1972 and are a name you can trust in the heating and cooling industry. We provide an array of HVAC services for residential, industrial and commercial customers, including maintenance, repair, and new installation of equipment. Call today to schedule a furnace maintenance appointment!