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Why Is My AC Unit Leaking?

You want your air conditioning unit to run as well as possible, especially during the hot months, so it can be distressing to discover that your AC unit is leaking water inside your home. There is no need to panic, though.

There are number of reasons why you may be finding leaks, and some causes are extremely easy to fix. You may be able to fix some of these issues yourself, or you could call an air conditioning service in Albany, OR to have a professional inspect the problem and repair it for you.

Why and how water forms in your AC unit

You should understand the reason that water forms in your air conditioning unit to begin with, before trying to identify the problem.

Inside the AC unit is a part called an evaporator coil. Warm air is pulled inside the unit and blown over the coil, which cools it. This causes condensation to form on the coil, which drips off into a drain pan and drains through a condensate drain line that goes out of your home. If there are problems with these components of the AC unit, you will likely find water leaks.

Top five reasons your AC unit leaks

The following reasons are the major causes of water leaking into your home from your AC unit. Check for each of these problems yourself or call an air conditioning service to identify the issue, then have it repaired:

  • Clogged condensate drain line: The condensate drain line that leads outside your home can become clogged with dust or dirt. When this happens, water backs up and drains inside instead. A clogged drain line is the most common leak problem. This issue can be fixed by using a wet/dry vacuum to suck out the debris, or by having a professional clean it.
  • Damaged drain pan: The drain pan holds the condensation that drips off your evaporator coil. The pan might be rusted or cracked, causing leaks. Inspect it with a flashlight to look for signs of damage and replace the pan.
  • Dirty air filter: If your air filter is dirty, it blocks airflow over the evaporator coil, which causes the coil to freeze. Ice will form on the coil and melt, dripping water. Replace the filter every 1 to 3 months, or if it’s extremely dirty.
  • Low refrigerant: Low refrigerant causes the evaporator coil to become colder than it should, causing it to freeze and ice to form. When the ice melts, it will drip and likely overflow the drain pan, causing leaks.
  • Broken condensate pump or disconnected drain line: The condensate pump works to pump water outside through the drain line. If the pump is broken or the drain line gets disconnected, water will spill inside. Check for these issues and reconnect the line or have the pump repaired.

If you check for these issues and are unable to repair them yourself, or none of these seem to be causing the problem, call an air conditioning service in Albany, OR to have a professional inspect and repair your AC unit to prevent further leaks and damage.

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