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Six Benefits of Ductless Heating and Cooling in Albany, OR

With summer on its way, you need to think about ways to stay cool when the temperatures start to rise. A ductless air conditioner can be the perfect affordable solution to staying comfortable indoors. It can be easily installed in your home without the addition of air ducts and allows you to keep your home cool while taking advantage of these great benefits:

• Reduced energy costs: With ductless heating and cooling in Albany, OR, you will be able to save significantly on your home’s energy costs. By using “zoning,” you can keep certain rooms within your house cooler than others, allowing you only to use the amount of air conditioning you need. This works to run your ductless air conditioning system less frequently, keeping your cooling costs down over the course of the summer.

• Elimination of ductwork: As its name suggests, ductless heating and cooling in Albany, OR allows you to eliminate the installation of ductwork throughout your home. This can help you have the cooling system you want without the high price tag of installing air ducts and piping to allow it to operate. You can keep your home cool all summer long without having to maintain ductwork.

• Affordable: Ductless air conditioning systems are more affordable than traditional air conditioning systems, especially in a home that is newly built or isn’t equipped with air ducts. These systems typically cost a few thousand dollars to install, and can even be equipped with a heat pump to provide heating during the wintertime.

• Manageable temperature control: Because a ductless heating and cooling system can be installed on a room by room basis, it allows you greater control over your home’s temperature. You can keep the rooms that you are using cooler and leave others that aren’t in use warmer. This is a good option for a home with multiple rooms that are only occasionally used, or even for a family rec room that’s hard to keep at a consistent temperature with a traditional air conditioning system.

• Healthier: With the removal of ductwork throughout your home, the air produced from your ductless heating and cooling in Albany, OR is a lot healthier for you. Without the proper maintenance, duct systems can harbor dust and mold, making it harder to breathe in your home as these contaminants spread throughout your home with the airflow from your cooling system.

• Quiet: The operation of a ductless air conditioning system is surprisingly quiet. You will hardly notice that it is running, as it is designed to provide efficient cooling without the ambient noise that can be disturbing.

With ductless heating and cooling in Albany, OR, you will be able to keep cool this summer in an easy and convenient way that won’t break your budget. Call Larsell Mechanical Service for a free estimate on the repairs or installation of an air conditioning system at your home. We work with all HVAC system types and are an authorized dealer of Lennox and American Standard products. We look forward to assisting you soon!