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Five Signs You Need an HVAC Contractor in Albany, OR to Replace Your Furnace

Is your furnace nearing the end of its life? How can you tell? A new system is a significant investment, so homeowners want to be sure it’s time before spending the money for a new furnace. If you suspect it might be the season to replace your system, look for these signs that it’s time to call your HVAC contractor in Albany, OR.

Your furnace is over the hill

The typical life expectancy for a gas furnace is 18 years. Furnaces older than 15 years are less energy efficient than modern furnaces. If your furnace is nearing this age bracket, it’s probably time to replace it. Yes, it is a sizable investment, but your teenaged furnace has had a good, long life, and it’s time to let it retire. Besides, a new furnace with a greater energy efficiency rating can save you money on utilities and provide greater comfort in the home.

Your heating bill has increased

Did you notice a significant increase in your utility bill? If you haven’t changed your patterns of heating, this could mean your furnace is on its last legs. As parts wear out, the furnace works harder and costs more to run. Rather than continue to pay more for heat, put that money toward a new furnace. You’ll save in the long run and, by replacing it before it gives out, you’ll save yourself the stress and hassle of emergency services.

Your furnace is talking to you

Your furnace may be telling you it’s time to replace your system. Does it make any strange noises? When you turn it on, do you hear rattling, banging or popping? These sounds indicate the furnace is at the end of its life. Other signs include blowing cold air and shutting on and off frequently. If you notice these signs, your furnace is communicating that it’s time to call an HVAC contractor in Albany, OR.

Your home never feels comfortable

Does your home feel too hot or cold, no matter what how you adjust the thermostat? Are you frequently changing the temperature? This lack of comfort could be due to the furnace’s inability to distribute heat properly. It no longer functions well enough to comfortably heat your home. You probably need a new furnace. Contact an HVAC contractor in Albany, OR to determine if the problem is reparable, or if it is time to replace the unit.

You see yellow flames

What color are the flames in your furnace? They should be blue. If you see yellow flames, this could indicate your furnace is producing carbon monoxide. This odorless gas is hazardous to your health. Call your HVAC contractor in Albany, OR right away to make repairs or replace your furnace.

Are you experiencing any of these signs? If you believe it might be time to replace your furnace, contact the pros at Larsell Mechanical Service. We will diagnose, repair or replace your furnace to ensure top operation and efficiency of your HVAC system. Get in touch with us today!