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Call for Furnace Repair in Albany, OR If Your Furnace Is Making These Strange Noises

As cold weather begins to settle in and winter is on its way, you might begin to run your furnace for the first time since last winter. Even if you don’t need to run it continuously just yet, it’s a good idea to start up your furnace to make sure everything is in working order before freezing temperatures arrive. When you fire up your furnace, you may expect to hear some noises due to the long period of time that has elapsed since you last ran it, or your furnace might be older and just happens to make some noise as it heats your home.

However, there’s a big difference between the noises that old furnaces make and the ones that broken furnaces make. If you start noticing very strange noises like screeching, loud booms or squealing, you should call a professional for furnace repair in Albany, OR right away. Here are five noises you should be wary of hearing from your furnace this winter:

  • Loud booms: Loud booms coming from your furnace can be enough to make you jump! Most often, a loud boom is an indicator of dirty burners, which cause small explosions within your furnace. The dirty burner delays the ignition, resulting in excess gas in the furnace and a loud boom when it finally does ignite. This is not something to ignore, as it might lead to broken furnace parts or carbon monoxide leaks.
  • Screeching or scraping: If your furnace is making a noise that sounds like metal scraping on metal, your motor or blower wheel might be broken, causing it to scrape on the furnace casing. Call for furnace repair in Albany, OR to have this issue checked out.
  • Consistent clicking: Clicking noises typically come from the ignition system in your burner. This is usually because the ignition system is malfunctioning, resulting in its inability to light the burners. Without this system working properly, your furnace won’t be able to heat your building.
  • Squealing: Squealing noises never sound pretty, and they usually mean something is broken. The blower belts or motor might be loose or malfunctioning, causing it to damage other parts of the unit. Your shaft bearings might also need to be oiled to prevent squeaking. A professional will be able to discern what the issue is.
  • Rattling: Rattling noises are relatively common with furnaces, especially older ones, but they still might be cause for concern. Your air ducts might be loose or your furnace might be sitting on an uneven surface, causing it to shake. Have your system examined to ensure that your furnace and ductwork are stable.

If your furnace is making strange sounds and you think you’ll need furnace repair in Albany, OR, call Larsell Mechanical Service. We’ve been the local HVAC experts for 45 years, specializing in heating and cooling installation, service and maintenance for residential, commercial and industrial clients. We can even design a new HVAC system for your home or facility, and can even create custom ductwork in-house! Call us now for a free estimate.