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Why Is Fall HVAC Maintenance So Important?

Fall probably still seems a long way off. But soon, the leaves will be falling, and you will be bundling up in scarves and boots to pick out a pumpkin from the local patch. You’ll find relief from the hot summer temperatures in just a few weeks. This means it is time to schedule your annual fall HVAC maintenance before the cool weather sets in. A professional HVAC contractor in Albany, OR can ensure your system is ready for the upcoming season, which will prevent emergency breakdowns and improve energy efficiency. Unfortunately, many homeowners question why they need any maintenance at all when their HVAC system seems to be functioning just fine.

Fall and spring are the two best seasons for maintenance. Most professional HVAC specialists recommend having the unit tended to before the system is under the high demands of the winter and summer seasons. The system undergoes an extreme amount of duress as it’s working around the clock during the winter months to keep the home warm and comfortable while the outside temperatures drop. This simple check gives you peace of mind because you will know your HVAC is ready to handle the demands of the season.

During the maintenance inspection, the repair specialist will prepare the unit for the busy season ahead, in addition to checking for any areas that may be at risk of breaking down unexpectedly. Your system will be primed and ready to go as soon as the first frosty night rolls in. On top of that, routine seasonal maintenance also provides the following benefits:

  • Clean system: Dust, grime and debris build up on the system during the months it is out of commission. This accumulation causes bad airflow and poor efficiency, and can even cause the unit to malfunction.
  • Improved efficiency: Heating a home can be incredibly expensive. As a homeowner, it’s important you’re getting the most comfort possible for the lowest cost. An inefficient unit is more prone to breakdowns. Regular maintenance is the best way to keep the unit operating efficiently and keep your monthly utility bill manageable.
  • Reduced chance of breakdowns: Checking components, tightening connections and replacing failing parts early will prevent the need for most major repairs. The technician will identify any problem areas before making the necessary repairs during the annual maintenance check. This eliminates any surprise breakdowns on a cold autumn night.
  • Longer lifespan: The U.S. Department of Energy promotes proper HVAC maintenance as the best way to extend the life of the system and save money on heating costs and repairs. An annual inspection is significantly cheaper than replacing the entire HVAC, which typically costs anywhere $3,000 to $10,000!

Your HVAC contractor will inspect the system to make sure everything is working efficiently and correctly during the fall tune-up. This will include the moving parts, wiring, thermostats, burners, blower motor and the ignitor. They will also change the filters and check the carbon monoxide levels. At the end of the inspection, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your HVAC is ready for fall.

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