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Reduce Allergens in Your Home This Spring with Tips from Your Local HVAC Contractor in Albany, OR

For some, spring is a time of renewal and rejuvenation. Flowers bloom, the grass turns green and beautiful buds make the surroundings gorgeous. For others, this time is less enjoyable. All the pollen and particles create a perfect storm of allergies. Are you among this unfortunate group? If so, your local HVAC contractor in Albany, OR is here to help.

Following are a few tips to reduce allergens in your home this spring. Use these fairly simple methods to make your season more enjoyable:

  • Clean vents: How often do you dust your home? Many people are diligent about dusting the furniture, but they miss the return vents and registers. Keep in mind, these circulate air throughout your home. If they are dusty, they will spread that dust everywhere. Before you dust anything else, use a damp cloth to clean the vents and registers in each room. This will help reduce the amount of dust and allergens that are circulating in your home. The few extra minutes spent dusting will be well worth it when you spend less time sneezing.
  • Lack of debris: Look at your indoor and outdoor units. Are they cluttered with debris? If they are surrounded by dust and debris, they will circulate these particles throughout your home. Keep the area around your unit clean by dusting, vacuuming and sweeping regularly. This will remove excess allergens to keep you breathing easier.
  • Expensive filters: You don’t have to break the bank, but it’s worth splurging a little on your HVAC filters. High-quality filters keep more particles out of your air, reducing allergens. Look for a high rating when you purchase filters to improve your springtime experience. Don’t forget to replace the filter at least every three months, and check it every month.
  • Annual service: To ensure your system operates optimally, reach out to your local HVAC contractor in Albany, OR. They will perform a spring inspection of your unit. This involves proper cleaning and maintenance. With this complete, your unit will allow the fewest possible allergens into your home. You will enjoy better air for the season, and you will save money on utility bills and future maintenance.
  • No mold: Check your home for mold. If you find any, take immediate action to remove it. Inspect humid, moist environments such as ducts, drip pans, drains and coils. Mold not only causes allergies—it can also pose a serious health hazard. If you suspect your HVAC unit contains mold, contact your HVAC contractor in Albany, OR to inspect the issue right away.

If you want to create the healthiest possible home environment this spring, contact your HVAC contractor in Albany, OR. Thorough spring maintenance of your HVAC system will help reduce allergens and prevent unnecessary suffering this season. For experienced technicians that will get the job done right the first time, contact the experts at Larsell Mechanical Service. We offer top-level maintenance to keep your unit running optimally all season long. Reach us today with any questions about your system or to schedule your allergen-reducing appointment.