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The Importance of Preseason Air Conditioning Service in Albany, OR

If you do not emphasize proper maintenance and inspection of your air conditioning unit, it will gradually wear out and then suddenly break down—almost certainly at the worst possible time. Right now is the best time to schedule your preseason air conditioning service in Albany, OR, as the weather is beginning to warm up but is still cool enough where you can get by without air conditioning.

Here is a quick overview of what your preseason AC service appointment is likely to include and why it’s so important to get it done:

  • Clearing obstructions: The first step your service technician will take is to clear out anything that’s blocking the air vents. It’s common for dirt, leaves and other items and debris to get in the way of these vents. All air grilles and supply vents need to be clear of such blockages to easily take in and release air without causing any damage to the system.
  • Checking the thermostat: The next step the technician takes will be to check the settings on your thermostat. The goal is to ensure your cooling and heating systems alike are able to operate efficiently enough to keep your home at an optimally comfortable temperature without having to expend too much energy.
  • Checking condenser coils and evaporators: Dirty coils can reduce the cooling ability and efficiency of the unit, increasing the amount of energy it takes for you to cool your home while reducing the overall lifespan of the unit.
  • Checking electrical connections: All electrical connections should be checked and tightened as needed. Your technician will go through all wirings and sensors and validate whether the system is still working as it should. The goal is to uncover any potentially faulty or problematic electrical systems, which would lead to unsafe operational conditions and reduce the working life of the components of the unit. All of the system controls will also be inspected at this point to make sure they can operate properly and safely, and the starting cycle is analyzed to make sure it can start up without any problems.
  • Lubrication: Lubrication of the components of the air conditioner is important to make sure all moving parts operate smoothly without any friction that could cause electricity spikes or general wear and tear to your unit.
  • Checking condensation drain: If the drain is plugged, it could cause water damage to your property. Therefore, the technician will check the condensation drain to make sure everything is draining as it should and there are no worries about leaks or clogs.

Your annual preseason air conditioning service in Albany, OR is crucial for maximizing the lifespan of your air conditioning system and ensuring it operates as efficiently as possible so you don’t have to spend as much on your energy bills. To learn more about the steps taken in our annual service appointments and the reasons why it’s important to hire a professional air conditioner service technician every year, contact Larsell Mechanical Service today.