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Five Benefits of a Ductless System for Your Business

In some instances, traditional HVAC equipment may be an impractical or expensive option that some business owners choose to forgo for a variety of reasons. This does not mean that your customers and staff have to suffer through cold snaps and heat waves, though—they can still stay comfortable with a ductless system. This offers great comfort and efficiency through the use of ductless mini-splits that are becoming a popular alternative to conventional ducted systems and loud, inefficient window units.

To ensure you get the right ductless system for your business, you need to work with a high-quality provider of commercial air conditioning services in Albany, OR. Let’s take a look at the many benefits ductless systems are offering businesses and why it might be the right option for your company:

  • Indoor air quality: On the West Coast these days, everyone is worried about air quality due to frequent wildfires. Dust, debris and ash are likely to collect in a ducted system, which is then spread throughout the business. Fortunately, a ductless mini-split bypasses this, using a filtration media to capture any harmful airborne particles.
  • Easy, flexible installation: Central air systems involve a lot of labor due to having to install all of the ducts. However, a ductless system only involves two parts and can often be installed in a single day. They also don’t need to be engineered to work in a network like an HVAC system. Therefore, they won’t interfere with structural elements of a building and are a great option for room additions.
  • More comfortable: The flexibility of these systems means that individual rooms can be cooled to different temperatures. This is done via remote control and allows for superior comfort.
  • Cheaper to operate: Ductless mini-slits are an ideal choice for energy efficiency. That’s because they often use a variable speed compressor. This unit matches the weather conditions, using a climate control system that’s more energy efficient. By doing so, these systems avoid the energy loss affiliated with a long duct run.
  • Less noisy: Unlike a window unit or an HVAC system, ductless heat pumps work at low velocities. This means they’re much quieter, allowing for easier communication for both employees and customers.

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